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The Advantages Of Portable Trade Show Displays

Make sure you next trade show is a success by bringing your own portable trade show display. Using onsite setups or trying to "create" your own exhibit can be disastrous. A trade show represents an excellent opportunity to present your company and its products to an audience looking for new ideas and innovation in a specific field. And even if you are not attending a traditional “trade show” but something more like a product exhibit or vendor showcase, it is important that your presentation........ Read More

The Ins And Outs Of Trade Show Exhibits

For people who are thinking of organizing or setting up a trade show exhibit, it is highly important that you know the things that are important for the success of the trade show event. With a small a mount of attention, you can easily come up with a successful trade show exhibit. 1. Setting Let’s start with the place where the trade show exhibit will be held. The exhibit venue or the trade show space is highly reliant on the use of outstanding design for booths as well as other displays so........ Read More

Successful Trade Show Displays On A Budget

For a business, particularly a small business, the thought of a trade show can be daunting, often viewed as a drain on resources and a bit of a financial burden. It is, however, possible to have a successful trade show experience, even on a budget. When it comes to creating your industry trade show budget, three simple rules apply: Budget Your Time – Create a plan for your trade show that takes into account budget, staff, resources, requirements and most of all, objectives. A trade show ........ Read More

Three Ways To Create A Trade Show Booth Backdrop

So you've rented a 10' space at a trade show, and now you want to create an interesting and professional looking graphic backdrop. At this point most people who know anything at all about trade show displays will opt for a "popup display". But in spite of the popularity of "standard" popup displays, there are other alternatives you might consider. Here is a very brief introduction to 3 different methods of creating a graphic backdrop for your trade show display area. 1. Standard PopUp Display ........ Read More

Cost Saving Trade Show Exhibits For The Growing Company

As an early stage startup company matures, the image that was right for the times four years ago as an “up & comer” is often no longer appropriate. This emerging business now needs a more mainstream image to convey its strong new corporate identity. The transition to a mainstream image necessitates not only a change in identity but also a change in trade show exhibit presence. Early on, portable pop up exhibits at trade shows worked. But with a company's mounting success it now needs an i........ Read More

Show Me The Money: Maximizing Tradeshow Roi

I hear it all the time: Tradeshows are a waste of time and money. We stand around, selling our hearts out, and what do we have to show at the end of the day? Nothing. Well, that's the result you should expect, if you're like most exhibitors, and neglect the most crucial aspect of tradeshow participation: Follow Up. What happens at the tradeshow is obviously import to your success, but equally important is what happens after the show ends. This is where most exhibitors drop the ball. Differen........ Read More

Trade Show Exhibiting Tips

Participation in a trade exhibition is an essential weapon in the marketing armoury – and like any weapon it has to handled with care, skill and attention if it is not to go off at half-cock. Its effective use requires careful preparation and training. Incorporate it into the total marketing strategy and it becomes a tactical device which, when aimed at the right target, can trigger a highly successful campaign. Preparation All craftsmen will confirm that a good job depends on good pr........ Read More

Tradeshows The Right Way - How To Get The Most Out Of Going

For online retailers, trade shows are an incredible opportunity to source goods, connect with wholesalers and manufacturers, and expand their product lines. But there's a right way and a wrong way to attend tradeshows. To get the most out of your experience, you need to prepare. Your first step is to find the tradeshow that’s right for you — there’s a tradeshow for nearly every industry imaginable. One good source for locating tradeshows is http://www.TradeShowWeek.com — you can searc........ Read More

Trade Show Exhibit Themes: Orbit Into Another World

Trade show exhibitors often create magical environments to take you “out of the ordinary”—and sweep you away to another world. They can be filled with music (The House of Blues found at the Exhibitor Show 2006 in Las Vegas), or animals (live African blackfooted penguins at the Magnussen Home Furnishing’s booth at International Home Furnishings Market’s biannual trade show in April 2005), adventure or just plain fun. Trade show exhibitors often ask why they should create a distinctiv........ Read More

Modular Trade Show Displays

In today's world of "e-commerce," and "e-trade," it is increasingly easier, and sometimes tempting, to seclude ourselves from the rest of the world. However, until you invent the e-handshake or the e-smile, there will be no substitute for face-to-face interaction with your customers. Trade shows offer you the opportunity to do just that-intermingle with your target audience, get a direct feel of their pulse, become up-to-date about your competitors and create brand value and recognition. However........ Read More

How To Design An Irresistible Tradeshow Booth

Once you've made the decision to go on the trade show circuit, suddenly your heart starts pounding, you feel a little dizzy. Now you have to have a trade show booth! Questions start swirling through your head and you get a somewhat queasy feeling in your stomach. Relax. You already have the key to a compelling trade show booth: your company. Now all you have to do is come up with a design that fits it. Before you start panicking again, think about your letterhead and logo (you do have tho........ Read More

Trade Show Booth Lighting Attracts Attention

Never underestimate the value of the proper lighting of your trade show exhibit. Creative lighting for your trade show booth is sure to lure more visitors. On the other hand, a poorly lit exhibit detracts from the trade show exhibit space and can leave it largely ignored. Your trade show lighting professional can use dramatic illumination techniques to create a show stopping effect or simply use lighting to highlight graphics and/or products. It is essential for the lighting designer to kno........ Read More

Boost Trade Show Traffic Outside Exhibit Hall

To be competitive today, trade show exhibitors not only need to grab attention to their trade show displays inside the exhibit hall but also beyond the exhibit floor. More and more, creative trade show exhibitors attract crowds to their trade show booth by using nearby venues as a springboard. Attracting attention at neighboring hotels where the trade show visitors are staying or public places where attendees frequent, is a good start. This goes for neighboring restaurants, bus routes, cabs an........ Read More

Trade Show Exhibitors - Tips For Newbies

Trade shows are anything but a walk in the park, even for experienced exhibitors but if you've never "experienced" one it can certainly be a daunting task. However, as big as the mountain appears you know that you must include trade shows into your marketing mix. And finally, after months of angst and planning you finally decided to take the plunge and attend your first consumer trade show as an exhibitor - the day of reckoning has arrived. But wait a minute, which show will give you the bigges........ Read More

The Benefits Of Renting A Trade Show Display

Trade shows can be a great way to win new business, make new contacts and unveil new products to the marketplace. Exhibiting at a trade show means you are going to need to a trade show display to attract attention and showcase your company and products. The benefits of renting a trade show display, instead of purchasing one, can be numerous for small businesses or start-ups attending their first trade show and large businesses looking to increase interest at their next show. Below are some of th........ Read More


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